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Sor Vorapin Muay Thai training Gyms

Name          : Melissa Dimaano & Barney Russ
Age             : 28 & old man 30
Country       : UK

Coming to Sor Vorapin Gym 2 is definitely one of the best decisions me and my fianc? have made since we started travelling. Without any notice at all (seeing as this was a crazy last minute decision) they were friendly and inviting. As complete beginners we had no idea what we were to expect but had decided that to get a real Thai experience we should give it a go for a month. As much as we wanted to learn Muay Thai, we also had our weight and fitness in mind.
Using the instructions online we found it easy to make our way to the gym, we really liked the fact it was out of the centre of Bangkok but really easy to get to all the main attractions via a short inexpensive taxi ride or bus (not that we had much energy for any of this!)
We found the gym down a really cool rickety path, over what looks like a swamp. Then the gate opens out to a lovely garden then at the end of that a small hut with 3 hammocks in to chill out between trainings. The gym itself is a fairly big space, which still has room for expansion maybe another ring or two, although it’s covered it’s still open enough to get some wind through as it can get pretty hot in Bangkok. Loved all of it, the whole old school Thailand feel was just what we were after for an experience.
The training is intensive but a lot of focus is placed on the physical ability and fitness of each individual so we felt pushed but never overwhelmed. As intensive as it was it was still fairly laid back and the longer you stay here the better you start to know, and get on with the trainers, which triples the experience. All the trainers are equal parts crazy, encouraging, fun, great teachers and still technically gifted.

Name          :    Sean Steele
Age             :     34
Country       :      Canada

My time here at Sor.Vorapin Gym has been excellent.  It took me a few days to adjust to the climate, time difference, different food, etc, but then I began to feel better each day.
There are three main things I appreciated most in my time here:
  1. Excellent      training (expert trainers who helped push me every day);
  3. Living on site and enjoying      authentic Thai  food every day; and
  5. The fact that the gym is located      in a regular Thailand village without any other tourists around (yet not      too far of a taxi ride to the popular tourist places).The last two reasons      really made me feel like I got to experience Thai culture in a small way      which was a nice lesson for me.
As for the training here, I thought it was just great.  The training really helped to push me further and further (I now think my stay here was too short).  Also the fact that I could do some sparring and pad work with former champions is of course a real thrill.
The only small suggestion I would make is to perhaps revise the map for taxis to take us back to the gym when we are out and about Bangkok.  Many taxi drivers did not know where to go (it helped a lot when I learned to tell them “Talingchan – Svan Pak Road 1”).
When I return home, I will absolutely recommend this gym to my friends who I know are also considering a similar trip.
Name          : Jonathan Esteves
Age             : 22
Country      : England
I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Sor. Vorapin 2. From the time I was met at the airport to my last training sessions I was made to feel welcome and at home. The gym had everything we needed for training, from a variety of different sized gloves, to pads, wraps, bags and a sparring ring. The gym itself has a beautiful little garden for you to relax in and an area with hammocks if you don’t want to lie on the grass, its in a quiet area which can really make a difference if you need to concentrate.
The gym isn’t too far from attractions in Bangkok, only a cheap taxi ride away. And local stores like the 7/11 are about 5 minutes walk away. Sometimes you can have trouble getting a taxi to come back to the gym as it’s a little hard to find, but they provide you with a little leaflet with the address on in Thai to show the driver.
The training itself was good and the trainers push you at your own pace so you don’t over do it. As they feel you getting used to it they push you that little bit more. If there was a problem with technique they would quite happily show you how to perform it correctly until they felt you were comfortable, and would explain any problems you might have if you asked. I barely speak any Thai at all and the language barrier was never really a problem between me and the trainers.
The food after training was amazing, and there was always more if you wanted it. They ask if there’s anything you don’t eat when you arrive at the gym so that was never a problem. In 2 weeks at the gym, there wasn’t anything that was cooked that I didn’t like.
I had a fantastic time at the gym and learnt a lot from training and sparring every day, I would definitely recommend this gym to anybody interested in getting away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok while they train, but still wanting to go see the city. I had a great time, I only wish I could stay longer than 2 weeks.
Name           :         Melani Dziki
Age              :         22
Country       :         Canada
Sor Vorapin Gym 2 was an amazing experience.  I am so glad that I chose to come stay, train, eat, and live here for 2 weeks.  The people here really make you feel like you’re at home away from home.  I had never tried muay thai before, and the trainers were very good at teaching me new skills at my own pace.  It’s also great that they have so many trainers here at one time, so that every fighter gets one-on-one pad work and technique training.  The camp itself is beautiful, being surrounded by grass and trees.  You’re in the middle of Bangkok, but you’d never really know it.  And if you want big shopping malls, or Khao San Road, it’s not a very far cab ride away either.  The food is by far the best Thai food I’ve had during my five months in Southeast Asia!  I have already recommended the place to my friends back home, and hope to come back here myself someday.  Sor Vorpapin is the way to go!! I love it!
Name           : Moll Patrick
Age              : 27
Country       : Switzerland
A great place, I am happy to get here for the training. I didn’t have any experience of Muaythai but here, they will give you the basics and everything you need to start. The training is great and teachers as well. If you hesitate, just come and you will see you that you are making the good choice. And very important, the food is delicious… I found a new family in this camp and everybody is very kind
Name          :Marc Terre  
Age             : 19
Country       : United States
           Sor Vorapin is one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. I was only able to stay for 3 days but it was definitely worth it. If I could’ve, I would’ve stayed much longer. The gym is located in a beautiful location. Sor Vorapin is a very relaxing gym to train in. Being able to live in the gym for the duration you train is very convenient. The room is comfortable, the training is legit, the people are awesome, the instructors are great, and the food is the fucking best in the world. I would definitely like to come back to the gym sometime in the future.
Name          : Michael
Age             : 22
Country       : France
Bon gym ou l ambiance est conviaviable, la nourriture exelente a chaque fois, les chambres sont correctes et propres. Un espace d?tente avec hamac que lon apreccie apr?s l entrainement. Il y a de bons entraineurs .
Name          : Lorena Klijn
Age             : 23
Country      :Netherlands

I really had a great time at Sor vorapin 2. The trainers and the other people working at sor vorapin are very kind for everyone!
The lady who was making the food is really the best chef in Thailand! Every day we eat something else and every day it was so nice.
Sor vorapin 2 has a beautiful location. It’s so nice that it is outside!
Supermarket is nearby and if you want to go somewhere you just take a cab and you can go wherever you want.
Twice a day a training for two hours is hard but you get also a lot of free time. I liked the pad working and the sparring! Pad working was tough but I like working hard so that was perfect. Sparring with the teachers was great to because you learn to watch and play the game. Thai is not my style but when I fought the trainers I used the Thai style just because they do it and then you’re automatically using the same style.
I hope to come back next year because it was really nice to be there! I trained also at gym 1 and the training over there is also very good!
Thanks everyone for this experience!
Lorena ‘The lady pitbull’ Klijn
Name        : Franck ragot
Age           : 34
Country    : France
c est un bon club ,la nourriture est bonne ,on se sent comme chez soi Les entraineurs sont serieux. Franck
Name          : Mark Chesters
Age             : 37
Country       : South Africa
I have had an amazing experience at Sor. Vorapin gym, so good I had to come back for the end of my travel in Thailand . The trainers are excellent and most important, extremely friendly. I felt like part of the family here and you always have a trainer helping you with your training. I felt the authenticity of Muay Thai being here going from meditation to training twice a day. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to expand on their present ability or if you are a first timer. I was catered for on every level, if I wanted to go hard then my trainers accommodated me and if I felt a bit jaded I was accommodated for that.
The food is the best I have had and it is authentic thai, cooked with lots of love. I feel privileged to have had this experience and plan to return in the not to distant future. Muay Thai is a way of life and that is what I have learnt the most.
Name          : Simon Scherzinger         
Age             : 27
Country      : Switzerland
I truly enjoyed my (unfortunately short) stay in Sor Vorapin Gym. Training was hard, but a lot of fun with nice trainers and other Muay Thai enthusiasts. The gym has a really familial atmosphere; you train, eat, relax together and sometimes have a drink or two.
Food is great, and people are really relaxed outside of training. If you need to be in the heart of Bangkok it’s not for you though, as the gym is in a quiet suburb that has a distinctly rural feel. Great to really focus on training and relax your mind though.
I did improve and learn quite a lot in my few days and hope to keep all the techniques in mind after I leave Thailand.
So many thanks to the trainers and staff at Sor Vorapin gym, I will return if I can!
Name          : Andrew Chang
Age             :22
Country      : USA
A wonderful stay. A life changing experience. Like family over here.

Name          : Jeffrey Khanh      
Age             : 28
Country      : Australia
Initially, I found the training very hard even though I am a beginner and the trainers treated my accordingly. It took me some time to get used to it but once I did it was great! The food was ALWAYS great. The location is a little bit outside the city, which I found beneficial, as it allowed for much less distraction. It was also good to have various trainers training in their style, which was subtly different but gave a good overall grasp on what Muay Thai is. Overall, it was a great experience and I am very sad to leave. I gained so much from this experience, not only inside the ring but outside too.
Name          : Giovanni van Dorrestein
Age             : 25
Country       : The Netherlands
My stay at the gym was a real pleasure. Before I came here I had my doubts about my condition after a while not sporting and I thought I gonna be very rough. But everything goes step by step and after one week I feel bad that I have to leave already. I will come back for sure next month for another week. The days flies here away and before I realize it was the end of the week. The trainers are really nice, friendly and experienced guys. For me muay thai is also having fun, not simply only training. And you can have some fun as well with the trainers during the training. Really important that there is a good atmosphere. The location is great and you can chill out in the afternoon between the trainings. Also the food was very good, and even sometimes in the morning we had a kind of English breakfast.
Name           :Svante Hedin
Age             :  38       
Country       :  sweden

Wonderful gym and wonderful people. Me and my cousin really felt welcome as soon as we arrived. Does not matter if you're a novice or experienced. Your personal trainer adjusts your workout to your level. And develop your skills more than you might think. And most important of all, you will have so much fun.
The food is among the best you can get in Thailand. We were just at the gym for a week but we agreed that next time we stay longer. It is said that Muay Thai is a way of life, here you will find it and understand it.
Sor Vorapin Muay Thai training Gym
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