Sor Vorapin muay thai training gym and Muay thai hotel Bangkok
(ค่ายมวย ส.วรพินสอนมวยไทย)

The Traditional Muay Thai Camp est. 1977

Sor Vorapin Bangkok Muay Thai Camp and Muay Thai hotel is suitable for the guests who are seeking new experiences in Bangkok. We offer Thai Boxing training courses, trained by several professional trainers who are former Thai Boxing champions. Our trainers have over 15 years of experience in training foreigners and local-boxing students. We guarantee that all of our students will get the best quality training.

We particularly specialize in providing courses of Thai-boxing (Muay Thai) to foreigners using our own systematic approach. Our skilled coaches and trainers directly supervise the training at every single step to ensure the quality of our students. Several hundred foreign students enrollment annually confirms our popularity and commitment to the best quality and do not worry if you are a beginners, we know very well how to train you step by step.

Our muay thai training courses are for everyone whether you are a beginner, intermediate-or-advanced boxer. However, all the training depends on the preference of the students as to how much you want to master this sport. The way of training is designed differently depending on each individual’s skills, and strengths.

Sor Vorapin Gym : Muay Thai hotel and training
Located at : 37/15 SoiSuanpak 1Rd, Moo. 10. Talingchun Bangkok 10170 Thailand
( 15- 20 minutes by taxi from our gym 1 )

In Nov. 2016, our camp renovated and redecorated the rooms. There is a history to these rooms as they were once used housing Thai Boxing Champions since 1977. If you have a chance to stay here, you will literally feel the experience of being a champion.

Unlike the other five-star hotels, we provide our guests with a Thai traditional style of living and we live like one family. We treat our guests and students like friends, and family. Besides, you will be satisfied with the Thai cuisine at our camp because the food is cooked and prepared by Thai chefs who have over 40 years of experience in the kitchen.

Therefore, we ensure that you can get the best experience and explore the culture. Muay Thai can make you more healthy and stronger, and, you can obtain self-defense to protect your family with Muay Thai. “You literally have been to Thailand, once in a lifetime”.

- Beginners welcome ;)